Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Hipsters!

Gifts for Hipsters

Happy Monday everyone! We are officially into our second week of December, with just 17 days left until Christmas. Are the waves of panic starting to wash over you? Well keep calm and ready yourself; we are here once again to help you find the perfect gift!

Last week, we created a guide for the perfect gift for her. This next gift giving guide is for that special someone in your life who liked everything before it was cool. Snag these quirky gifts for the hipster in your life, but hurry! – You have to gift them before they’re considered too mainstream.

1. Vintage Roller Skate Throw Pillow Cover
Price: $54.99 | VIP Price: $49.22
Deck out your hipster’s bed, sofa, or hammock with this vintage style pillow cover featuring a roller skate reminiscent of the 1800’s models, and tell them to get their John Joseph Merlin on!

2. Vintage Record Player Crank Music Box
Price: $20.29 | VIP Price: $18.26
Throw it back to a time where iPods did not exist, to a simpler time. Hand crank this baby and listen to it play “Moon Light Serenade” by Glenn Miller. The perfect way for any hipster to feel like a Sir.

3. 6 oz Whiskey Alcohol Liquor Flask
Price: $32.99 | VIP Price: $29.69
Play pretend like it’s the Prohibition Era and hide any spirit of choice with this retro liquor flask. It features a vintage illustration of a pair of boxing gentlemen. This flask also teaches the basics of boxing! Just read the fine print near the bottom of the flask and be on your way to hitting them with the ol’ one, two!

4. Heart Shaped Chalkboard Stone Coasters
Price: $22.99 | VIP Price: $20.69
Because anything chalkboard just screams hipster, (in a nonchalant, “I don’t care” kind of way of course). Show them you care, by protecting their Urban Outfitters coffee table that probably cost them their entire photography paycheck. They’ll love you for it.

5. Mustache Charm Keychain
Price: $11.89 | VIP Price: $10.70
We mustache you a question, but we’ll shave it for later. A standard piece in every hipster’s arsenal of style.

6. Acrylic Wall Mount Fishbowl
Price: $43.29 | VIP Price: $38.96
For the hipster that only uses products that are still in Beta, the perfect gift for them to keep an actual beta (fish), or tiny terrarium of succulents inside.

7. San Nautilus Shell Tealight Candleholder
Price: $22.39 | VIP Price: $20.15
For the hipster that actually can’t keep anything alive; a candle that looks like a tiny cactus.

8.  Vintage Automobile Vinyl Sticker
Price: $63.59 | VIP Price: $57.23
For a lover of classic automobiles, this 3 foot vinyl sticker can go on any clean, smooth, flat surface. A great addition to any hipster home, they’ll love showing off this old jalopy.

9. Color Changing Mason Jar
Price: $32.09 | VIP Price: $28.88
We know, we know. This solar powered mason jar changes everything. It’ll bring anyone’s hipster level to 9000. It’s ecofriendly, mood setting, and definitely a conversational piece. What more could any hipster ask for?

We hope this gift giving guide helps! Stay tuned for more holiday gift giving guides from StealStreet!

Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Her!

Gifts for Her

Happy first of December! With Black Friday sneaking by us last week and Cyber Monday upon us today, the holiday gift shopping season is officially upon us! Suddenly Christmas seems a lot closer, doesn’t it? If you find yourself hopelessly overwhelmed and lost on what to get all your loved ones, don’t fret! We are here to save you!

This is the first in a series of gift giving guides we’ve put together, to help you find the perfect gift for each special person in your life, starting with the ladies!

  1. Rooster Trim Square Chalkboard in Black
    Price: $43.59 | VIP Price: $39.23
    A delightful pairing of rustic and chic elements is found in this ornate little chalkboard. She’ll use it for everything: from writing down grocery lists, reminders, and notes; to displaying a vintage café-style menu during entertainment parties. It’s the perfect addition to any home.
  2. Chevron Printed Apron with Yellow Bow
    Price: $38.99 | VIP Price: $35.09
    Move over dowdy kitchen wear! The apron is back and it’s making a fashion statement. This fun printed one not only protects her stylish clothes, but it also does it in style! She’ll love putting it on and getting in the kitchen to whip up something scrumptious.3
  3. Cork Cage® 5×7 Photo Frame Holder
    Price: $39.19 | VIP Price: $35.27
    Because every wine enthusiast needs a place to keep their collection of corks. And what better way to store them, than in a multipurpose holder that lets her display a picture of what keeps her celebrating, or drinking her sorrows away.
  4. 6 Inch Electric Oil Burner
    Price: $44.19 | VIP Price: $39.77
    This gift goes well with the one below.
  5. Christmas Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil 6 Bottles
    Price: $22.49 | VIP Price: $20.24
    #4 and #5 are a gifted pair, to keep the home smelling like Christmas not just during the holidays, but long after the season has left us! Purchase different scents for her to use around the home all year round!
  6. Festive Owl Measuring Cups, 4 Pc Set
    Price: $48.29 | VIP Price: $43.46
    These adorable cups serve a dual purpose: first, they are a set of measuring cups for cooking or baking; second, they can pass as home décor both spread out, or nested together.  Add a little fun to her kitchen this holiday!
  7. Paris Eiffel Tower Bed Throw Pillow Cover Case
    Price: $54.69 | VIP Price: $49.22
    If she can’t leave to travel, bring the travels to her! Update her current couch, futon, or bedding situation with a throw pillow cover that showcases the city of love.
  8. Sparkle Glass Mosaic Coasters, Set of 4
    Price: $14.39 | VIP Price: $12.95
    A classy and chic addition to the home; show her you care about her vintage wooden coffee and dining table. These coasters look expensive, but they’re actually such a steal! Don’t worry, it’s our little secret.

We hope this gift giving guide helps! Be sure to visit for more gifts to buy the special women in your life!